Lamrowfay 14k Yellow OR White Solid Gold 1ct Wedding Engagement Ring


Lamrowfay 14k Yellow OR White Solid Gold 1ct Wedding Engagement Ring
Lamrowfay 14k Yellow OR White Solid Gold 1ct Wedding Engagement Ring
Brand, Seller, or Collection NameLamrowfay
Metal stamp14K
MetalWhite Gold
Material14k Gold
Gem TypeCubic Zirconia
Minimum total gem weight1.36 carats
Ring size8
Number of stones25
Model numberLRF-C002
  • Handcrafted.14k Solid Gold GUARANTEED, Authenticated with a 14k Stamp
  • Simulated Diamond is highest quality(AAAAA), Round Cut, Color D, VVS1 CZ Cubic Zirconia, 6.5mm 1ct Center Stone, Approximate total 1.36carat weight.
  • The rings are the best gift for engagement、wedding、party and anniversary for girlfriend、wife and lover, with the delicate ring box made of velvet.
  • All of our rings have been thought multiple qualified test, customer can buy it trustingly.
  • Our design concept representing the everlasting love and the classical inheritance.Any occasion with these rings could makes you being the brightest light in the room.

Our Brand

  • Lamrowfay was founded by a young couples. Their new couple life as husband and wife was begin from a better gift, a golden ring of high-quality and amazing design. A right ring plays a role of ‘witness’. No matter how long it’s been, it always remind you of your happiest moment.
  • They think love is a moment, a feeling, and a power of live. They really wish every single can catch the love, when he/she meets his/her love. Choose a high-quality and special jewelry of ring, which expresses love to your love.

The brand focuses on two principles: Happy and Quality.

  • Our mission is to provide accessible luxury to all by offering high-quality jewelry rather than the typical retail markup.
  • Another important principle is: When you’re happy, we’re happy.

The beauty of simplicity.

  • Lamroefay jewelry is simplicity and made for everyday wear. Our designs are timeless and complement any style without overpowering it—because there is beauty in simplicity.

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