14K Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, (31-52mm) (2mm Tube)


14K Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, (31-52mm) (2mm Tube)
14K Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, (31-52mm) (2mm Tube)

Product description

These 14k gold oval hoops with round or modern square tubes are simple, elegant, and the perfect addition to your jewelry box. Measuring from 0.70 to 2 inches long and .59 to .83 inches wide, these sizes are perfect for every day wear without being too bold. A secure click-top clasp means they are easy to put on and will stay put all day.

Each item comes gift wrapped in LooptyHoops brand packaging with informational cards on how to wear and care for your jewelry.

These hoops are 14k white gold. They are NOT plated, but have a pure gold body. Every hoop comes with an authenticated 14k stamp.

  • Earrings Length: 1.2 In (31mm) Width: .70 In (17mm) Beautiful square tube oval hoop earrings a little over an inch in length, they complement your face and have a slimming visual effect. Many women prefer the oval shape to the round. These have a smooth, lustrous finish. Great for the professional woman or the woman on the go at night or during the day. See the model photos for an accurate depiction of the size of the hoop earrings on your face..
  • The tube is square with soft corners and is fairly thin at 2mm width. See the model photos for an accurate depiction of the tube width.
  • The clasp is the click-down type where the post clicks down in to a small U shape of gold. You will feel a little click when it is in place. If you don’t, then tighten them ever so slightly with needle-nose pliers. An instruction guide is included with your earrings.
  • The earring is 14k yellow gold and not gold-plated. It comes in white and rose gold colors also if you click on another button on this page.
  • The earrings come packaged in a delightful gift box. There will be a guide with care tips as well as a discount code you can use on future purchases from LooptyHoops.

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