Titanium Soldering Clamp Strips — from Cinnamon Jewellery

So having ordered five of the Knew Concepts titanium strips about a year ago {!} I thought it was time I actually did something with them. I’ve heard great things about how useful they are as soldering aids so why it’s taken me so long to get round to it who knows.I think I was worried they would be hard work to bend, saw and shape being titanium and to some extent they are but not beyond most peoples’ ability.Warning! This post contains lots of photos. And the tri-colour ink on my printer was running out which is why the print out looks as though it’s had a sepia filter added to it :DMy camera also developed the white screen of death half way through {and is currently away being repaired} so I had to change to my tablet to carry on with the photographing.I decided to start with the easiest looking “clamp”. This one…..Read More

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