My Jewellery Shed Gets A Lick Of Paint — from Cinnamon Jewellery

At the end of last summer, after an incredibly busy few months jewellery-wise, I decided to take a break and repaint my shed. I’d painted it a pale green colour when I first got it and it was starting to look a bit faded and sad. So I did what I expect most people do and started looking online at what wonderful colour I could repaint it. There are lots of great colours out there by Cuprinol and Ronseal and the DIY stores own brands.I took a long time deciding on a colour then got in the car to go and buy the paint. That’s when I discovered that B&Q and Homebase only carry a limited selection of shed paint colours {8 if you’re lucky} and if you then find something in stock you do like they quite often don’t have it in the size pot you need! So the colour I bought was a bit of “Oh buggar it, that’ll have to do”. Luckily it turned out to be similar to what I’d originally wanted by the time I’d finished the third coat – yes it took three coats before it stopped looking patchy.It was quite a lot of work as the shed needed sanding before I could start painting with the new colour. My Dad helped a bit with the sanding then I did the rest of it myself. The sanding and wiping down with white spirit took a day and the painting – all three coats of it – took another day. It’s not made very clear in the instructions on the tin but you have to do all the coats within a 6-8 hour period otherwise the paint starts to develop it’s waterproof qualities and any paint put on top after that time will just sit on the surface and can peel off at a later date.As you can see in the photo the shed is right up against the walls in the corner of the backyard so the back and side took a bit of climbing, bending and stretching to reach as much of it as I could. I also managed to startle one of my neighbours who wasn’t expecting to see me perched on the side wall first thing in the morning brush in hand. I was so relieved when I finally finished the painting! I then decided to give myself more work and paint the lock, hinges and hook for the hanging basket in black which involved using teeny tiny brushes and trying not to swear too much when I got black paint on the lovely green I’d just put on the shed. It was worth all the hard work though as it does look much better now. If only I could transport it to a beautiful meadow and gaze out of the window at a trickling stream………. I’d better start blowing up the balloons 🙂

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