Copper Poppy Cuff Bracelet — from Cinnamon Jewellery

I’ve been making bangles for a few years now but have never thought about making cuffs until recently. Cuffs are very popular especially in copper as some people believe the copper helps with arthritis pain {although there’s no scientific proof of this}.I decided to start making a couple of narrow copper cuffs to see how it goes and whether they sell.Copper cuff with hammered bark texture Copper cuff with leaf vein textureI spent a stupid amount of time trying to work out the sizing of cuffs which isn’t as simple as it might seem! I make them to fit the buyer’s wrist size not a general 6 inch length piece of metal fits all approach {it doesn’t}. After making a couple for myself I finally worked out how to get the sizing right. I haven’t had any returns yet so the sizing must be ok….:DSoon after I started listing the cuffs I got a request from a buyer in France who had bought one of my copper poppy bangles ….She asked to return it as it was too big and asked if I could make a cuff bracelet/poppy bangle mashupinstead. Of course I said yes and set to work.I started by marking the centre point on a length of flattened copper wire that I’d embossed with a leaf skeleton.I used a centre punch to make a divot on the mark.After cutting the cuff to length, finishing the ends and shaping it I used the divot I’d made to drill a hole.I made a copper poppy, filed a flat spot on the underside of it, balled up the end of a length of copper wire and filed a flat spot on the cuff where the copper poppy would sit.I attached the copper poppy and wrapped the wire around the cuff on both sides.The cuff ready to go in the pickle pot before soldering.After soldering.The copper cuff cleaned up and ready for oxidizing. At this point I was convinced the size would be wrong. The buyer had a 6 inch wrist so I made the cuff to fit but it looked so small to me!The finished cuff bracelet. I’ve since heard from the buyer in France who was very happy with it and said it fitted her wrist fine which is great!I am planning on expanding my range of cuff bracelets to include the poppy version and also a version with added silver pieces and maybe semi-precious cabochons. I think getting these up and running in time for Christmas might be a good idea!

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